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 CISM, CISSP, CCSP, MSc, BSc, Senior IEEE Member, CIISec Member

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Welcome! This is the Personal Web Site of Marco Casassa Mont, UK (CV).

I am a results-driven senior manager, principal cyber security consultant and architect. An enthusiatic leader and technologist working at the intersection of business, cyber, technology and innovation.  Over 25 years of experience, leadership and delivery in: cyber security; cloud and enterprise solutions; architectures; software solutions trusted advisory; strategy; risk management.

I am passionate about security, cloud, IT, innovation and their effective use to address business needs. I have solid technological, enterprise and management expertise with multi-years' experience in ITC, software solution design, development, delivery and R&D. I shaped cyber vision, new technologies, solutions and business opportunities. I directed complex cyber programs and teams in CTO offices. 

In my current work I focus on strategic cyber consulting, trusted advisory and customer engagement. I lead digital trasnformation in medium/large projects, strategies, solutions architectures, business development and bid coordinations. Specific areas: enterprise and cloud security (AWS, Azure, etc.), SIEM & UEBA, Threat Hunting; cyber threat management (advanced use of AI/ML); threat intelligence; cyber security operations; risk analysis; situational awareness; IAM; privacy.

I am currently leading and delivering cloud migration and threat detection capabilities, trusted advisory focusing on various, strategic cyber security domains. I have line management and mentorship responsibilities.

I am the named inventor in 31 granted patents and 50+ filed patents.

Business sectors: private, public, defence, financial, energy and telecommunication.

Professional Certifications and studies:

Recent News

[2024] Publication Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Maritime Operational Technology Cyber Security, CoRR/abs 2024 
[2023] Publication Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Maritime Operational Technology Cyber Security, CAMLIS 2023 
[2022] Certification Achieved ISACA Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Certification
[2021] Talk Cyber Security for Autonomous Vessels - Cyber-SHIP Lab Symposium 2021
[2021] Certification Achieved (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification
[2020] Publication BMT Focus Magazine, July 2020, Delivering Successful Digital Transformation Programmes
[2020] Patent 5 new US Patents Granted No.: 10,764,393 - 10,749,895 - 10,686,814 - 10,666,672 - 10,536,483 
[2019] Patent 3 new US Patents Granted No.: 10,325,092 - 10,262,132 - 10,250,627
[2019] Publication JUMP: Tactical Cyber Mission Planning - NATO STO
[2017,2019] Patent 4 new US Patents Granted No.: 10,913,892 - 10,192,066 - 10,027,632 - 9,798,888
[2017] Publication Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud: Threat Detection and Remediation
[2017] Publication Big Data for Security: 1MEPS Kafka processing Pipeline and Beyond
[2017] Publication Threat Analytics and Visualization Solutions for Big Security Data
[2017] Publication Big Data for Security: Usable DNS Data Analytics at Scale
[2016] Talk Security within Organisations: A Sneak Peak at Current Status, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
[2015] Video Big Data for Security - CREST & IISP Congress

Achievements and CV

My CV is accessible online. An up-to-date profile is also available at my LinkedIn Page. Key achievements and expertise:

  • Lead and delivery of complex projects, software solutions, architectures and digital transformation for: enterprise and cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), big data for security, security user & entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), SIEM, cyber threat detection & management (advanced use of AI/ML),  threat intelligence, cyber security operations, risk analysis, situational awareness, IAM, privacy management. Proficient in Agile and DevOps methodologies.

  • Lead of technology strategies and roadmaps for: could and enterprise security solutions; cyber security controls; SIEM; big data for security; IAM; Network Traffic Analysis and Management; privacy.

  • Lead of business development through innovation. Shaped and developed new business opportunities in the context ofbig data for security, security analytics, IAM and provacy.

  • Director of multi-party, interdisciplinary, international R&D security programmes: TSB EnCoRe; EU PRIME; HP IAM / Federated Identity Management.

  • Lead of multiple technology transfers into HP/HPE software and security products;

  • Inventor and innovator (HP Labs, CTO Office) with strong background on cyber security, cloud, big data, security analytics, software architectures, IAM and privacy. Named inventor of 50+ patents with 31 granted patents.

  • Speaker and presenter at many public events, trade shows, conferences. Cited author of scientific publications. Publised 60+ articles and papers.

  • Effective communicator at all levels (e,g, CTO, VP, Director) in large organisations, including acting as trusted advisor.

  •  Proficient in cyber security, cloud security (Azure, AWS, etc.), protective and detective security controls, cyber-attacks, kill chain, APT threats, security risk managment and incident response.

  • Proficient Software Solution Architect, design and development lead.

  • Proficient Security Solutions Architect, design and development lead for enterprise and cloud (virtualization, big data and security technologies).

  • Proficient in cyber security standards, including: ISO27001, NIST Cyber Security Framework, NIST SP 800-53,37, etc. MITRE ATT&CK, NCSC CAF, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), CIS.

  • Proficient in security operation centers (SOC), incident response and and cyber security defence.

  • CISM, CISSP, CCSP, IEEE Senior Member, Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec) Associate, MSc, BSc.

Skills and Expertise

Analysis of complex problems; delivery of projects and solutions; Agile methodology; business development; identification of R&D opportunities; project management; consulting; architecture, solution & system design.


Interpersonal skills: presentation skills, client relations, decision-making, negotiation, customer engagement, problem solving, conflict management


Industry knowledge:

  • Cyber Security
  • Open source big data solutions (Hadoop, ELK, Spark, etc.), Cyber Security Analytics, Threat Detection, Threat Hunting.
  • Cloud Computing, cloud technologies (Azure, AWS, private cloud, etc.) and cloud security.
  • UEBA, SIEM, Event Management, SOAR, Situational Awareness, Cyber Threat Intelligence,  VTM, end-point management
  • Security Risk Assessment, Decision Support Solutions, Simulations, What-if Analysis
  • AI, Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Web-based and enterprise technologies/solutions, Identity and Access Management (IAM), PKI, Privacy & Policy Management
  • Software Design, software engineering, development and deployment, Agile, DevOps methodologies and tools.
  • Use of advanced cryptography

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