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Welcome! This is the Personal Web Site of Marco, Casassa Mont - Bristol, UK. I am an enthusiastic, result-driven professional with more than 20 years experience in: Security; Big Data and Analytics; ICT; Enterprise and Web technologies; Cloud Computing; Networking; SIEM, UEBA and Situational Awareness; IAM and Privacy. I have led technical projects, developed solutions, carried out technology transfers to HPE business groups and customer interactions. I enjoy shaping vision, innovating and delivering results My CV is accessible online. My up-to-date profile is also available on my LinkedIn Page.

I am currently a Principal Security Solution Architect and Technical Lead (Master Level) at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bristol, UK.
My work and expertise are in the following areas:  

  • Security
  • Big Data for Security and Analytics
  • Cloud Computing, Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined Cloud, HyperConverged Infrastructure
  • Solution Architecture & Software
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise ad Web Technologies
  • Event Management, SIEM, UEBA solutions
  • Situational Awareness & Threat Intelligence
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM), PKI, Privacy Technologies and Solutions
  • Machine Learning and AI

My role involves strategic and technical work, interactions with business organizations, customers and R&D partners worldwide. I have been exposed to various aspects of security, security & data lifecycle, kill chain & APTs, controls, incident management. I collaborated and worked with various cyber security defense teams. I currently work on security analytics, software and system architectures, design and development of next generation security management solutions for enterprises and hybrid clouds by using big data and security technologies.

During my 20 years at HP Labs (CTO Office) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), I have been the technical lead and architect of various programs and projects aiming at developing innovative security solutions for the enterprise and cloud. I carried out R&D work, designed, architected, developed and transferred various security and big data solutions to Hewlett Packard business units. I had ongoing interactions with customers and external organisations during the entire lifecycle of projects, to demonstrate initial prototype, gather requirements and feedback, support company sale efforts.

My current work is centered on the development of innovative big data for security solutions for hybrid cloud, software-defined cloud and hyperconverged infrastructure. In this context the goal is to productise a fully integrated  security management solution that scales up/down based on needs: this solution collects and analyses relevant networking, infrastructure, system/OS and application-level data logs to identify new security threats and remediate to them. Open source technologies are used (e.g. Logstash, ELK, Apache Kafka, Storm, Spark, etc.) along with the development of our advanced security analytics and remediation playbooks.

From 2013 to 2015 I technically led the development of HPE Big Data for Security (BD4S) project, with specific focus on its overall architecture, backend analytics engine, a library of advanced security analytics and the overall data processing pipeline: this solution uses Big Data analytics to identify new, unknown threats and attacks. During the project lifecycle, I presented our solution to and interacted with more than 50 different customers at events organised by HPE consulting/salesforce. I run joint pilots with customers and  HPE Cybersecurity Defence team. During 2014-2015 I and the team transferred this solution to our security software business unit: it has been productised as the HPE DNS Malware Analytics solution (DMA). In 2016 I carried out further work to extend this big data for security solution to: detect a wide range of attacks, spanning across the entire Kill Chain by collecting and analysing various types of big data sets; applying it to next generation of Hybrid Cloud and Software-Defined Cloud. 

Other deliverables (2010-2013) include R&D work, transfers to our Enterprise Security Services and customer briefings in the areas of: Safe Cloud  (Cloud Computing; Safe and Controlled Information Sharing; Situational Awareness for next-generation disaggregated enterprise IT; Security Intelligence-as-a Service (SILAS) and Situational Awareness for companies operating in the Cloud.

I am also currently involved in the EU collaborative SHIELD project  (security for the enterprise and cloud, using NFV and big data security analytics) where I am the architect lead. I was a key member of other  international projects (in the security, identity management and privacy areas), including: EU F6 PRIME project (Privacy and Identity Management for Europe); UK TSB EnCoRe project (Ensuring Consent and Revocation). In this latter  project I was the Project Coordinator and Architecture lead.

I am active on the publication and patenting front. I am part of various (IEEE, ACM, etc.) conference Program Committees. I am an IEEE Senior Member and an IISP Associate member. I have more than 50 patents filed (about 80, considering  patents filed in multiple countries) and 16 granted patents.

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